About Us

The Eritrean Community Association in Queensland Inc. (ECAQ) is a not-for-profit organization. ECAQ was established in 1993 to promote social cohesion between the Eritrean community as well as the wider Australian society. The ECAQ advocates on issues and needs of its community members. In addition ECAQ provides settlement support, organizes the Annual Multicultural Festival and welcoming for newly arrived Eritrean refugees in Queensland.

Eritrean refugees settlement in Queensland had begun in the early nineties. Most of the refugees arrived through Sudan and Cairo. The total number of Eritrean's in South East Queensland is estimated to be more than 1000. Most of the Eritrean's reside in Brisbane, new arrivals have started to settle on the Gold Cost and Toowoomba. Eritrean's are hardworking people who actively participate in various labor intensive work-force industries including; taxi driving, delivery,aged care, family day care, cleaning, meat and the food processing industry etc. There are a few Eritrean intellectuals who are working as interpreters, financial sectors, researchers and lecturers in different universities and medical sectors. These achievements of the Eritrean's are some indicators of successful integration of the community members into the Australian society.